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CrossFit Grandview has long been considered an innovator in the CrossFit Community and has been a destination for functional fitness enthusiasts and competitors ever since the early days when it was known as “Rogue Fitness CrossFit Gahanna”.

After over a decade of in house success (maintaining over 500+ active in house members, 7 Regional Teams, 3 Games Teams, multiple individual regional and games athletes) we have launched Edge Online to share all of our unique training programs with the world.

We are a team of athletes who bring individual strengths and specialities to this experience. From gymnastics to olympic lifts to competition programming to endurance sports, we have something for everyone here.

We accept nothing but the best effort from each other and all of our athletes and expect the same of our online clients.

Whether you are looking to follow the programming we do at CrossFit Grandview with your own Wodify account via Edge Online, looking for more challenging and comprehensive programming for your Home gym or on the go with Edge At Home , or need individual attention with the help of a specific coach ready to craft a personalized fitness program with Edge One on One, we have that here for you.

Ready to start doing and stop thinking? Ready to be great? To be the hero of your own life? Well it’s time to start training like it. Take ownership of your life. Take back control. And get it done. We’ll show you how.

Our Coaches

Owner / CrossFit Level 3 Coach
Brandon Couden

Brandon works hard at becoming the best coach, motivator, and athlete he can be.

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CrossFit Level 3 Coach
Dan Cestoni

Dan has been hooked on CrossFit since his first workout back in early 2009.

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Edge One on One Coach/CrossFit Level 3
David Ulmer

After graduating from Bucknell University, where he played football all four years as a defensive linebacker, Dave discovered CrossFit and found it was perfect for him personally as a former colleg...

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